One day our phone rang. Margaret Nawracaj from 'Ślub w Jurcie' called and asked about a free September date. When we saw where the wedding was to take place, we knew we wanted to be there. The closer to September, the greater doubts about the weather arose in us ... September 9, after all, can surprise with rain and cold evenings. We don't know when, how or who, but that day the weather smiled at the newlyweds and us. Marriage in a tent is very dependent on the weather. Guests and subcontractors have to settle for different scenarios. The wedding itself took place in the most charming scenery of Zagroda Ojrzanów and it was there, among the trees, right by the lake, that the beautiful Yurt tent was erected. Can you imagine Dances under the open sky on a small wooden platform; wedding ceremony on the bridge over the lake; bartender serving drinks between trees; a large bonfire around which dances and jumps took place; How to express what we have seen?

We were surprised by the beautiful bridesmaids of the Bride wearing pastel, ethereal dresses and had wreaths of fresh flowers on their heads. Until now, we can see Justyna's first reaction to them. Until the earth shook. Tomasz, in turn, is a born dancer. Their first dance, at first very gentle, turned into a lively display of dance skills of the bride and groom. All guests were very impressed. The stage on which they danced was lit by a string of light bulbs, which gave the right mood, especially in the evening. When the guests enjoyed the excellent drinks served by the Bartender, a great bonfire burned in the meantime. Everyone started dancing and no one was scared away by mosquitos (which the organizer effectively scared away) or the cool breeze of the fresh breeze from the lake. Right next to the yurt stood a long, wooden and beautifully decorated table. After dark, gourmet dishes stood on it. One of them was spinach pesto with garlic and almonds. When we combined them with freshly baked bread, the world stood still. Insane. Simple but unusual. Heaven in mouth. Well, yes. We only make wedding movies but we couldn't tear ourselves away from this table.

Wedding Team:

Venue: Zagroda Ojrzanów

Music / Dance: DJ Pepe

Wedding Planner: Ślub w Jurcie

Photographer: Agata Grządzielska

Film: Pepa Films

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