What are your prices?

Film prices start from 5500 PLN. Fill out our contact form with details about your wedding and we will send you an offer soon.

Are outdoor sessions also included?

The sessions that you see in our films take place on the wedding day and of course are included in the price. We are 100% for you on this day.

We are afraid that our guests could be short circuited by the presence of cameras. Do you have a way?

The most important thing is that we get to know each other. We will reduce the distance to maximum. Guests notice this and will treat us 'like theirs'.

We are afraid of posing for the camera. Can it be stiff?

Never! We love the word 'naturalness' in movies. We will only catch those moments that will be natural and catch the eye. We will not use others. Emotions count in the movie, and we can pull those out.

What should we do to book a date?

Let's check the date, get to know our offer. Then let's get a coffee over Skype. Then the decision. If everything is ok, we send a contract to you. You pay a deposit, the date is reserved. Ready.