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How is it possible that five musicians can shake (literally) the dance floor so hard that a month later we remember it with goosebumps on the skin?

These were emotions! We are musicians ourselves, we have always been sensitive to sounds, but what happened that evening exceeded all our expectations. A singer who felt great in every climate so well that some of the songs sounded better than the original ones. I don't know how it is possible yet. Workshop and talent gave effect. Many things that day brought us to our knees. A wonderful place for a wedding: 'Rittergut Orr' near Koln. The rough walls of what can be safely called ruin ... barely restored, embarrassed us. A great effect. I know that writing about it is a bit like talking about the smell of drinking coffee on the terrace on a sunny morning, can you feel it?

We met a beautiful, sensitive and unique couple. It was good with us from the beginning. We just got to like each other. They trusted us and thanks to that it was even easier for us to find inspiration that day. Watch yourself, meet them and our next wedding movie.

Wedding team:

Venue: Rittergut Orr, Koln

Musicans: Combo Combo

Wedding invitations: Wedding Stationery

Cake: Madame Miammiam

Wedding Film: Pepa Films

Wedding Photography: Kreative Weddings

WE create outstanding wedding films. International wedding in Germany. BEST WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHERS POLAND.

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