Wedding Film Producer

As long as I can, as long as the day allows me – I am looking for inspiration  and constantly learning new things.

How do you write about yourself when it is constantly changing? Wait for stagnation? In my case it probably won’t come. I fidget like a preschooler waiting for a candy. For Mamba – I always liked that. I run two companies and 3 passion. Passions makes me more human. 10 years in corpo, 3 kids (male DNA). If it’s a free weekend, I take everyone to the mountains. I read books there, listen to music (but nobody wants to listen to it), run, ride a bike and live. Everything creative: I love. And I love her the most: Princess who is with me at every wedding. Every year we argue more and more. About everything. And good. It means that we live and are ourselves. Pepa Films – is my muse, balm, the release of creativity. Just.


Wedding Film Producer

Don’t tell me about abstractions. If you have 4 guys at home, you learn to live quickly. Especially when you get up 5 times at night to check if they are all right.

Dates, deadlines, accounting, movies, running a home, delivering to schools … good, you can’t write it all out, you need to create a separate book.

I have what Piotr does not have and will never have. I don’t know how I get it all … Sometimes they let me go. Well … I’m a woman. Emotions are inside me. Strong. Sometimes undefined.

I love order. Flowers at home. Fragrances. Naturalness.

And I listen to it all the time … music that soothes my soul, helps me find peace and creates space for meditation.